What services and value does CSEAA provide?

CSEAA, unlike many other programs, is structured to deliver knowledge and real life experience to its students. Further, we introduce students to entrepreneurs, mentors, industry experts, funding sources, service providers and, of course,a wide range of apprenticeship opportunities.

If I start a business, does CSEAA charge a fee or take equity in my company?

We encourage all of our students to launch a business. All founders are free to pursue launch of a business, product development, or funding of their business without any involvement from CSEAA. If CSEAA is interested in funding and/or supporting a specific start up, academy’s board of directors will negotiate its investment into the company directly with founders.

What stage does my company need to be at to be considered by CSEAA?

We encourage individuals with existing idea or operational business to apply. CSEAA Angel Fund does not invest in any business, whose founders did not complete CSEAA program. If accepted into the program, founders of existing businesses are encouraged to apply lessons learned and relationships developed during the course to the development of the business.

I need help with my business plan, will CSEAA help?

CSEAA will not help in writing a business plan because we do not believe in them. We believe in the process of iteration. We will help fledging entrepreneur develop overall strategy with action plan to increase chances of success in the market place.

I’ve applied to CSEAA before, can I apply again?

Absolutely. Space in each class is limited to 25 students. Moreover, if you were not accepted into a program, we encourage you to continuously stay in touch with us to increase your chances of admission during next enrollment cycle.

What are the criteria for company selection?

Having existing business is a part of overall evaluation in admission process. We focus on individuals behind a business or an idea.

What are my odds of getting accepted to CSEAA?

Our selection process is rigorous. It is essential for us to select individuals who are committed to learning, determined to succeed, willing to take risks, learn from failures and who have a great deal of potential. If you have doubts in your ability to get into the program, the odds are you will not be accepted.

I think I will be too busy to participate in CSEAA this session. Can I apply next semester?

Yes. Part of the requirement of the program is to be available and participate in all aspects of the program.

I previously applied to CSEAA. What are my chances of being accepted?

In general, chances are higher. By reapplying you are demonstrating your commitment and continues interest in self-growth and improvement. Specifically, it will depend on the quality of all other applicants.

What is the timeline for the application cycle?

Please find this information on the Courses page.

Can I have an extension for my application?

No. Due to the tight turnaround on applications from review to interview, we cannot offer any extensions on the application deadline. Applications received later than the stated deadline on the Course page will not be considered. We suggest you don’t wait until the last day to submit your application to avoid unforeseeable circumstances. NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED

Will I receive a confirmation that my application has been accepted?

Yes, via email.

Who reads my application?

In general, every application will be read by 5 individuals and rated. The admission officers are faculty members, entrepreneurs and administrators. Each application will receive cumulative score prior to the interview.

What is the interview format?

The interview is a 15-20 minute discussion with 2-3 interviewers. The purpose of the interview is to get to know a candidate on more personal level. Candidates typically arrive in business formal attire, but don’t feel bound by that—we won’t be in suits.

Is every applicant invited for the interview?

No. About 30% of applicants are rejected prior to interview process. Individuals who are not invited for the interview receive email with an explanation.

Why are interviews on a Saturday morning?

We traditionally conduct interviews on a Saturday morning in order to have as few conflicts as possible with prospective Fellows’ other commitments.
A Saturday morning interview also signals the commitment that we expect from our Fellows and the importance of the program to admissions committee, who make an effort to come in and conduct interviews.

I didn’t get an interview or an invitation. Can I appeal?

All decisions to extend interviews/invite Fellows to join the program are final and cannot be appealed.

Can I get feedback on my application and/or interview?

Due to the overwhelming number of applications, we do not provide feedback on applications or interviews, neither pre-submission, nor post-decision.

What if I am a resident of another country?

We welcome students from any part of the world. Obviously, if you are accepted into the program (if you are not in U.S. , interview is conducted via Skype or video conference), you must consider the following: visa; living arrangements; local transportation and additional expenses associated with living in a new country.

Is fluency in English required?

Yes, all of our lectures and apprenticeship opportunities will require individual to completely understand all of the material. Further, lack of adequate language skills will diminish one’s chances of being accepted into the program.

What about a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?

CSEAA does not require a signed NDA. Each fellow of the academy should use his/her own discretion when sharing ideas or any other information in the class.