Taking Business to Next Level


March 17, 2017


The course is designed for top managers and owners/founders of small and medium size businesses. The course is strictly focused on getting business to the NEXT LEVEL of growth, profitability and scalability. 


Over 300 years ago Galileo said: “You can not teach man anything; you can only help him find it within himself”.  Over 90% of small and medium size businesses underutilize their potential. For majority, the reasons are: lack of clearly defined long-term strategy, business model that has no chance to scale, and operations that depend not on systems but on specific individuals. In this course, students will be given a roadmap of how to transform their business into fast growing and high margin enterprise. 


“We cannot be content with status quo. Any business today that embraces the status quo as an operating principle is going to be on the death march”

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks



Course Structure

  • 10 month program

  • Class size is limited to 30 students

  • Student meet twice per month for 2.5 hour class

    • During the first monthly class students learn new material and create action plan on how to incorporate new knowledge in to daily operations of their business
    • Students go back to their business to implement on trial basis the material learned in the classroom
    • During the second class of the month, students share positives and negatives from the experience. Each student receives feedback form other students and faculty based on Gestalt Protocol
Class Topic
Class 1
It is all about YOU – Entrepreneur
It is all about discovering who you are, what you want in life and how you will accomplish it. What are your Values? Beliefs? Personal characteristics?
Class 2
Build internal controls throughout organization. Create a culture of financial discipline with everyone’s focus on company PROFITABILITY
Class 3
Brand, Marketing Strategy & Sales Tactics
Create consistent message representing your brand across all channels of distribution and contact with customer
Class 4
Growth Capital
The best time to raise money is when you DO NOT NEED it. Learn the best strategies and tactics to attract capital
Class 5
Development of Human Capital
Your people is the foundation of your GROWTH engine. Selection, development, cross training, professional growth & motivation must be top priorities for a leader
Class 6
Innovation is the Only Way to Obtain SUSTAINABLE Competitive Advantage
Learn how to build a culture of innovation. Innovation will inspire your customers, employees and will put competition on defensive
Class 7
Multifaceted Strategy Development
Where will your business be in 5 or 10 years? What major trends will affect your business? Can you adapt as things change? Is your team ready to embrace inevitable PIVOT?
Class 8
Operations is the Difference Between Being PROFITABLE and Being OUT of Business
Every business must squeeze out every inefficiency from company operations from cleaning bathrooms to packaging
Class 9
Systematic Risk Management
From succession planning to dependence on key employees. Students will learn how to eliminate/reduce most risks
Class 10
Leadership – Building a Success Beyond PROFITS
Generating profits is a necessary, but a small part of being a successful leader in your industry. Learn how much MORE good leader can do for his/her people and community as a whole.

Admission and Selection Process

  1. Application & Picture

  2. Essay – 3 pages maximum.

  • Topic – The history & future of my business 

  • Helpful Hints: We know how hard it is to start a business. We know it is even harder to stay in business.  We want you to share with us your story of struggle and success. We want to know (so we can be most helpful to you) where you want to go in the future.  Here are some guiding questions: Why did you start the business? Why are you still in business? Did you have to PIVOT your business model to stay alive? Did you struggle against vicious competitors? How did it feel to get to a BIG deal that transformed your business? Is it a life style business or something that can be scaled?  What do you need to get to next level? What is the next level for your business? 

  1. Video presentation from employees, friends and family taking about applicant, business and why he/she should be part of the program. Length:1- 3 min.



Payment Terms

Total cost for 10-month program is $4,000.


Non-refundable deposit of $100 with application. 

If selected, deposit will apply toward tuition.  If applicant is not accepted into the program, he/she can reapply to be admitted during next enrollment period without additional application fees.


Up on receiving letter of acceptance into the program from CSEAA the following payment options are available:

  • Payment in Full: 10% discount - $3500 ($100 application fee applied)

  • Monthly Payments

    • First payment of $500 is required upon acceptance ($100 application fee applied)
    • 6 payments of $585 per month


Refund Policy 

  • CSEAA will refund 100% of paid fees (excluding non-refundable application fee) upon request within 30 calendar days from the start of the program

  • In case of medical or family emergency, after 30 days from the start of the program, CSEAA will credit apprentice account full tuition to be redeemed in the future. 

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