Executive Leadership for 21st Century


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The course is designed for founders and C-level executives of small, medium and large size business, and government leaders. The course is strictly focused on development of long-term strategy, personal development of leaders and building ecosystems surrounding core business.


According to a study of Harvard Business School, 95% of employees are unaware of or don’t understand their company strategy. Having high performance car (tactic) doesn’t help you reach another side of the river if there isn’t a bridge (strategy) to cross it. The course will focus on the leader(s) of organization. According to John Wooden, a legendary basketball coach, body, mind and emotions of the leader - all must be balanced in order to build and lead a successful organization.


Students will develop skills in areas such as communication, data-driven decision-making, developing and supporting talent, leadership, strategic management, project management, and supporting and fostering stewardship of an organization’s culture and brand. You’ll learn through a combination of theoretical course work and practical applications. Upon graduating from this program, you will posses the skills necessary to support an organization’s mission, values and goals by getting the most out of your processes, resources and teams.


Course Structure

  • 12-month program
  • Class size is limited to 20 students
  • Student meet once per month for 2.5 hour class
    • In each class students will engage in detail discussionof the topic(s) related to strategy development and personal development
    • During the first part of the following class, students share positives and negatives from the experience. Each student receives feedback form other students and faculty based on Gestalt Protocol.
    • Students in class will represent businesses from various industries that are not in direct competition with each other 
Class Topic
Class 1
Driving Economic Growth through Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Building a true ecosystem around your business/industry is a very difficult and very rewarding experience. If you want your company to succeed in a long-term, you better start building the ecosystem now.
Class 2
Forecasting Financial Risks, Liquidity Risks and Systematic Risks
We cannot know the future but we can plan for most of the turbulence we will encounter. If it is cloudy outside, having an umbrella with you, just in case, is a sign of PRUDENT leader and well thought out strategy
Class 3
Effective Presentation: Leader is Motivational Speaker, Sales Guru and Brand Ambassador
Language Engineering – every word counts, everything is recorded and everything becomes public
Class 4
Corporate Governance – Metrics, Organizational Structure, Board of Directors vs Board of Advisors & Investor Relations
Metrics, organizational structure, board of directors vs board of advisors, investor relations and all stakeholders. You must deal with them all but each require different approach
Class 5
Human Resource – Surround Yourself with A Type Employees
It is all about people. We will learn how to build a winning team at the START that makes 2+2 =5
Class 6
Development of Strategy for a Short and Long Term
Strategy is an inherent factor of organizational success or failures. Strategy has significant effect on growth & profitability of the firm. Great strategy is created by great strategist
Class 7
Leader’s Personal Development Plan
It all starts from the top. Leader must lead by example, therefore his/her values, personal & professional growth are critical to success of the enterprise
Class 8
Sales, Customer Service and Word of Mouth = Customer Loyalty = Sales=Profits
All of the tactical tools , corporate culture, customer relationships at all levels of the company – must lead to CUSTOMER LOYALTY
Class 9
Access to Capital & Financial Instruments – Build a Network
It is not only about what you know but it is much more about WHO you know
Class 10
Global Events and Effect on Local Business
In today’s global connected & competitive environment, what happens on the other side of the world or in completely unrelated industry may have major impact on your business. You better be ready either to defend your turf or to jump on a departing train to more profits
Class 11
Responsibility Delegation, Direct Reports & Succession Plan
Learn how to build a community around your business that gives you back in more ways that you can imagine
Class 12
You are a LEADER – Act Like One
It all STARTS and ENDS with you

Admission and Selection Process

  1. Application & Picture

  2. Essay – 3 pages maximum.

  • Topic – The history & future of my business 

  • Helpful Hints: Where do you see your business in 3-5 years? How and what industry trends are forcing you to adapt? What is your current HR development program and how do you envision it must change in order to prepare your workforce for winds ahead? What do you do on regular basis to improve yourself and what do you want to do?

  1. Video presentation from employees, friends and family taking about applicant, business and why he/she should be part of the program. Length: 1- 3 min


Payment Terms

Total cost for 12-month program is $6,000


Non-refundable deposit of $100 with application.  If selected, deposit will apply toward tuition.  If applicant is not accepted into the program, he/she can reapply to be admitted during next enrollment period without additional application fees.


Upon receiving letter of acceptance into the program from CSEAA the following payment options are available:

  • Payment in Full: 10% discount - $5,300 ($100 application fee applied)
  • Monthly Payments
    • First Payment of $500 is required upon acceptance ($100 application fee applied)
    • 6 payments of $900 per month


Refund Policy 

  • CSEAA will refund 100% of paid fees (excluding non-refundable application fee) upon request within 30 calendar days from the start of the program
  • In case of medical or family emergency, after 30 days from the start of the program, CSEAA will credit apprentice account full tuition to be redeemed in the future. 
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