Long time ago Charles Darwin said: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” This is an absolute true in the world of entrepreneurs today and it will become even more true in the future.


Therefore, today and tomorrow, Entrepreneurs and Leaders of the companies must bring ideas to reality with a clear understanding that “change” will be present every step of the way. It is always better to initiate the change than to be forced to change. If one is forced to change, it might be too late. What is hot today, tomorrow no one will take it off your hands for free. Change can come from completely unexpected sources and sometimes we have plenty of time to see change coming. In a words of JFK : “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”


Many observers agree – Entrepreneurs “Golden Era” is upon us. With “flat world” connected opportunities are endless. Technology allows anyone to start a business. More importantly one can start a global business that can change the world with very little money. If money is needed, the funding source might be on the other side of the globe. Ideas for the enterprise can come from any corner in the world. Ideas that are proven in one industry might be a game changer in the other, and then it comes down to execution.


CSEAA Mission

Our mission is to giveindividuals with perseverance, ambition, and initiativea way to grow their business and execute their ideas. We provide them with an educational opportunity based on real life experiences that leads to self-discovery, pursuit of knowledge and ability to adapt to ever changing social and economic environments.


From the Founder

I founded the Commonwealth Social Entrepreneurship Apprentice Academy to provide individuals with a combination of academic knowledge and real life experiences. One of the cornerstones of the Academy’s teachings is the ability for individuals or organizations to adapt to change. From my point of view, whether you are an individual with or without a job, an entrepreneur or a large corporation the biggest challenge we all face is the Pace of Change. We are now experiencing a pace of change that humanity has never experienced before in its history. In order to become resilient to ever changing environments around us, we must, as a society, incorporate real –life experiences in all aspects of learning. In simple terms, one cannot learn how to ride a bicycle without actually getting on the bicycle.


Real-life experiences in the world of work are not only desirable but essential for young people who want to build a successful career in the modern economy. Young people can't be expected to become work-savvy without understanding how businesses work – and that is why we need more effective collaboration between the worlds of education and business.


Apprenticeships are a phenomenal opportunity to achieve this. I believe it is an ultimate model for work-based learning and a fantastic gateway for opportunities in the business world. Working with local industries, global organizations and entrepreneurs, apprentices develop a well-rounded skill set, which means that students can hit the ground running when they enter the real world – whether as entrepreneurs in their own right or whether they choose to start their career in an existing business. Apprentices can extract the most value from an apprenticeship by being exposed to several businesses and sectors during their apprenticeship term.


Every year, approximately 600,000 new ventures are created in the U.S. and at any given time, as many as 1 in 10 American adults are trying to start a new business. Less than one half of these ventures will still be operating after three years. However, studies have shown that there are practices, such as developing and executing a professional business plan, which can significantly increase one’s chance for success. Research has also demonstrated that while experience may be a great teacher, the combination of experience and education is unsurpassed in improving the odds for entrepreneurial success.


I urge everyone to get involved in this program. Regardless of your role –apprenticeship provider, mentor, faculty, sponsor, guest lecturer or investor, you will find a great deal of personal satisfaction and growth.


Yours truly,

Henry Shterenberg,

Founder of Commonwealth Social Entrepreneurship Apprentice Academy